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Rockin Ron’s Studio Album Releases!

Avast assortment of music!

Talk Like a Pirate

Released in September 2019
Pirate Party Pooper,
Sink the Cheerio,
Tyrannosaurus RRR,
and more.

The Flying Pirate Circus

Released in December 2016
Shark in the Dark,
Oona Uni-hook,
Black Snake Tale,
and more.

Pirate PaRRRty!

Released in November 2013
Pirate Birthday PaRRRty,
Polly Esther Pants,
We RRR the Pirate People,
and more.

Give Me an RRR!

Released in September 2010
Pearl the Purple Pirate Princess,
I’m the Friendly Pirate,
Bones of Jonesy Davy,
and more.