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Give Me an RRR!

Tracks and Credits

Lyrics/Music by RRR Carter except:
track 1 (trad. music), track 7 (additional lyrics by Ben Sage Neuhauser), track 9 (trad. music),
track 11 (additional lyrics by Daniel Snow), track 16 (trad. music). All Songs © 2010 by RRR Carter

Personal THANKS:
April – Me Very First and Only Matey – I LOVE YOU!
Keith, Harley (inspiration for Pearl), Bill, Lisa, Cloke, Stacey, Marge, Goodtime Charlie, and all of my SMUGGS CREW.
Susan Lassiter & Paige Kelly.

Production THANKS:
Andre Maquera/West St. Digital – guitars, mixing, fixing, and fairy dust
Tracy Wolters – guitar, keyboard, percussion, background vocals, Mad City matey-ness
Wendy Maquera – the voice of Pearl and backing vocals
Sour Boy – The Cranky Pirate band on track 11
Rudy Dauth – Reggae Guitars on track 18
Aram Bedrosian – bass on track 1
Hannah Crary – violin on tracks 1 & 6
Peter Miller – violin on track 3
Mingo Maquera – backing vocals
Michael Kennedy – Saw on track 13
Irving Payne – backing vocals on track 1
Gani – Kazakh folk tunes for track 1
The Dudettes (Hannah B, Dana T, and Marcy E) – backing vocals on track 1
Bruce and Sean Morrisey – Cover Art