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Rockin’ Ron The Friendly Pirate
P.O. Box 223
Jeffersonville, Vt 05464

With my songs (most of them original), I encourage audience participation. This includes singing, cheering, body motions, and guessing games. Related historical and cultural subjects often come up. Schools, Libraries, and Festivals are my best venues. My strongest demographic is 3 – 7-year-old girls and boys, but I also appeal to their older siblings, parents, and grandparents. I gear each performance to the composition of the audience. I pepper my patter with jokes for adults as well as kids. In fact, Seven Days (Vermont’s Arts & Entertainment Weekly) compared my approach to that of Shrek and Toy Story.

I sing to my own guitar accompaniment and to tracks from my stylistically diverse albums Give Me an RRR, Pirate PaRRRty, The Flying Pirate Circus and Talk Like a Pirate. I need access to electrical power and an area designated for the performance. I bring a speaker(s), a microphone, stands, a guitar, a banner, and pirate props (as space allows).  My average show is 45 minutes long – that length can be modified. I have coloring pages and other promotional materials. Me rates RRR reasonable.