The Flying Pirate Circus
  • 1717 (Black Sam Bellamy) – a story ripped from the pages of history
  • Anne Bonny – famous Pirate Woman who sailed with Calico Jack and Mary Read.
  • Black Snake Tale – Pirates/Smugglers on Lake Champlain in the early 1800s
  • Blackbeard’s Blues – not a lot is known about Blackbeard (there is even disagreement on whether his last name was Teach or Thatch) so this song is historical fiction. Blackbeard’s Blues (beachside) is a silly take on the same song.
  • Feats of Jean Lafitte – story of a Pirate/Smuggler/Slaver who fought alongside Andrew Jackson in The Battle of New Orleans, delivered with a little silliness.
  • Pirate Grace O’Malley – History and Mystery are mixed together in this song of a powerful Irish woman in the 1500’s.
  • Pirates and Privateers – brief portraits of Blackbeard, Sir Francis Drake, Captain Henry Morgan, and Anne Bonny
  • Rock the Plank – contains the line “by the Outer Banks where Blackbeard sank” referring to the place in North Carolina where Blackbeard made his last stand, references longitude and latitude, and directions on a ship (stem to stern)
  • She Can Be a Captain Too – references 4 historical Pirate women: Alvida, Grace O’Malley, Anne Bonny, and Madame Cheng



  • Eight Pieces of Eight – references to eight and eight said in other languages, with math added in, plus a little history
  • FP Rap (F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y) – spelling of Friendly, with boatloads of cultural and nautical references
  • Gator’s Gotta Go – various ways to say goodbye with different phrases and in different languages
  • Give Me an RRR! – words with the R sound
  • I’m the Friendly Pirate – repeat-after-me words including onomatopoeia
  • Little Ditty – different words for small
  • Pearl the Purple Pirate Princess – alliteration and colors
  • Pirate Alphabet – it starts off as the ABC’s but leads to (or too) many R’s 
  • Pirates of the Mayo – a made-up language explained in the bridge of the song, it also name-checks the famous Irish Pirate Grace O’Malley and the book Rime of the Ancient Mariner
  • Polly Ester Pants – humor appreciated by grandchildren and by grandparents
  • Poop Deck Dance – ship architecture, and allusion to Beethoven (low humor meets high humor) 
  • Scarlett Maroon – a sensitive young woman is “marooned” in her emotional world, with various references to the color red
  • Talk Like a Pirate – specific words and phrases, and general instructions about how to babble like a Buccaneer
  • With the ABC’s – the edited version of the alphabet
  • Without the R – what happens to certain words when they lose the letter R
  • The Word Pirate – spells out four 6 letter words
  • Your Friends – use of your/you’re/yore
  • The Flying Pirate Circus – it’s a circus on a Pirate Ship, after all (see the book of the same name)
  • Mud Puddle Pirates – encourages outdoor play and gives examples of imagination with “a stick is a ship, a leaf is a sail” etc.
  • Scottish Lochs and Florida Keys – “misty days and crystal seas, let me see what I can be”, “highlands, lowlands, in between, show me each and every scene”
  • She Can Be a Captain Too – a song of encouragement and inclusion
  • Buccaneer Bells – non-religious holiday song
  • Dad’s Alright, He’s a Pirate – Father’s Day
  • Dark and Stormy Night – a ghost story for the campfire
  • Mother of Pearl – Mothers Day
  • Pirate Birthday PaRRRty! – Birthday Party song
  • Talk Like a Pirate – specific words and phrases, and general instructions about how to babble like a Buccaneer on September 19th aka International Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • We RRR the Pirate People – party song
  • Captains’ Shanty –  a male and female duet of Captains
  • Five Little Pirates – take-off on This Little Piggy focusing on the number 5
  • Friend Ship – describes friendship
  • I Lub Me Land Lubber – an environmentally aware love song
  • I’m the Friendly Pirate – being friendly
  • Nine Lives of Lucky – imparts nine attitudes, and has fun with 9 and it’s multiples  
  • Oona Uni-hook – a Pirate Unicorn who realizes it’s ok to be different and has support from Parents, Friends, Coaches, and Teachers
  • Safe Harbor – gives a sense of safety
  • Scurvy Dog and Scaredy Cat – friends onboard a ship
  • Seven C’s – Courtesy, Compassion, Courage, Cleanliness, Cleverness, Cheerfullness, and Charity
  • There Are Tall Ships – accept differences, realize friendships
  • Welcome Aboard – greeting that lets everyone know that they are welcome onboard
  • Anne Bonny – raise your hands when you hear a word that begins with the letter B and put them down when you’re the next word that begins with B, and repeat as necessary
  • Bow to the Bow – the directions on a ship set up as a Line Dance
  • Buccaneer Bounce – act out the various motions
  • FP Dance – act out the various motions
  • Hook Me Up – featuring various handshakes and few other movements
  • Oona Uni-hook – act out lines from the chorus
  • Polly Ester Pants – make parrot wings whenever you hear the name Polly
  • Seven C’s – Courtesy, Compassion, Courage, Cleanliness, Cleverness, Cheerfulness, and Charity with motions
  • Shark in the Dark – put a shark fin on your head when you hear the word Shark
  • Tyrannosaurus RRR – when you hear teh word Tyrannosaurus, raise tiny dinosaur hands and say RRR!  
  • Bones of Jonesy Davy – a skeleton warns of the dangers at sea
  • Flotsam and Jetsam – a ships’ wreckage are given human traits
  • Magical Mermaid Parade – mermaids are one thing, a parade of them is another
  • The Ocean Moans – “song of the whale and a crab with a fiddle”
  • Oona Uni-hook – a variation of a mythical creature with classmates and teachers
  • Peggy the Peg-leg-osaurus –  a pirate dinosaur 
  • Polly Esther Pants – a bird in pants? A bird in diapers (I guess it just depends)?
  • Scurvy Dog and Scaredy Cat – “Scurvy wore Miranda’s bananas, Scaredy wore the cat’s pajamas”
  • Seymour Shark – he won’t hurt you but he likes to scare you, and he jams out to Shark in the Dark and Baby Shark
  • Shark in the Dark – a shark that goes “BOO!”
  • Tyrannosaurus RRR –  a pirate dinosaur
  • Bad Bad Blackbeard (Ba Ba Black Sheep)
  • Friendly Pirate Had a Ship (Old MacDonald)
  • Itsy Bitsy Pirate (Itsy Bitsy Spider)
  • Pirate Alphabet (ABCs)
  • Row Yer Boat ( Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little StaRRR
  • BROTHER: Buccaneer Ben, My Brother
  • DAD: Dad’s Alright – He’s a Pirate
  • DOG & CAT: Scurvy Dog and Scaredy Cat
  • AUNTIES: Me Aunties Sang Chanteys – Dot, Susan, Jade, Isadore
  • MOM: Mother of Pearl – Penelope the Fruity Pirate
  • PARROT: Polly Esther Pants
  • SISTER: Pearl the Purple Pirate Princess
  • COUSIN: Silver Long Johns aka Cranky Pirate, and Aunt Jade’s son