Do ye like ghost stories and scary books? I’ve conjured a playlist of me Pirate songs to shiver yer timbers with fright on Halloween night… or any other night! There are ghosts, skeletons, tales of real Pirates, creatures from the sea, creatures from the imagination, sunken treasure, and sailing through storms and weird waters.

Find the “Halloween on the High Seas” Playlist on my YouTube Channel Playlists and on my Spotify Artist page.

It’s 30 minutes of spooky but fun music for your Party! The featured songs are 1) Dark and Stormy Night, 2) Shark in the Dark, 3) Sea Monsters’ March, 4) Tyrannosaurus RRR, 5) Bones of Jonesy Davy (pictured above), 6) The Ocean Moans, 7) Pirates and Privateers, 8) Duncan’s Sunken Treasure, 9) Scarlett Maroon, 10) Hungry Pirate, 11) Sea Monsters, and 12) Seymour Shark.