Album Cover. Artwork by Carrie Cook.

EVERYONE ON BOARD is an observation and an invitation… and it is the 6th album by Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate! It is a collection of entertaining and educational Pirate Music for kids and kids at heart – delivered in a variety of styles. The title track, Everyone On Board (for Gani) acknowledges the many things people have in common. Gimme Back My Binky imagines a baby in a Spaghetti Western retrieving its pacifier. Cyclops is about the mythical creature and highlights the word “one” in multiple languages. I Know You Pirates is a FAM JAM for Dead Head Dads, Americana Moms, and their kids. Cranky Lazy Stinky is just plain silly, while Happy Merry Jolly is a celebration of different traditions. There’s humor, history, and hide-n-seek on the high seas in these songs and the others on the album.

The EVERYONE ON BOARD album drops June 20th (Summer Solstice) on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube (@FriendlyPirateRon, Rockin’ Ron The Friendly Pirate-Topic), and elsewhere. The CD version has 34 total tracks – 17 newly recorded, plus 17 BONUS songs!! The additional songs are some of Rockin’ Ron’s “Greatest Ships” and include Shark In The Dark, Poop Deck Dance, Five Little Pirates, Pearl The Purple Pirate Princess, and more. CDs available at Smugglers’ Notch Resort, at, and at RRtFP shows. All of RRtFP’s songs including Pirate Ship Show, can be found on yer favorite platform.


Layout for CD Cover (back and front). Artwork by Carrie Cook.

CREDITS: Produced by Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate and Andre Maquera. Mixed and Mastered at West Street Digital by Andre Maquera. FEATURING: Rockin’ Ron the Friendly Pirate – lead vocals, silly voices, acoustic guitar. Andre Maquera – guitars, bass, vocals, banjo, percussion, drum programming. Wendy Maquera – vocals 1, 11, 16. Tracy Wolters – vocals 3, 5, 7, 9, 15, 16, harmonica 7. Lea Ann Macrery – Vocals 13. Rhea Ferris – “ouch” 11. Greg Smith – acoustic guitar 14. Jilib – vocals 1. Joshua Clinger – Wonderfaux Remix 17. April Tuck – vocals 5, 10.

In Memory of Jade, Tate, and Princess Vera. Dedicated to the Smugglers’ Notch Resort Crew, Andre Maquera (Musical Navigator), and April Tuck (Me Very First & Only Matey)

CD Label Design and Artwork by Carrie Cook.

ALL SONGS written by Ronald Roy Carter, except I Know You Pirates (Trad., Additional Music & Lyrics by Ronald Roy Carter), Little Seashell (Lyrics by Rhea Ferris, Music & Lyrics by Ronald Roy Carter), FP Rap (Friendly Edit) Music & Lyrics by Ronald Roy Carter, Music by Max Shaw. ALL SONGS © 2024 by Ronald Roy Carter, RRR Carter, RRR Sea Music, except as indicated.