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Ski Shanty

Ski Shanty is a sea shanty about skiing. It was inspired by Kim Riegel when I was meeting her and her family to go skiing. She said “we’ll sing ski shanties” – meaning we’d sing some of my Friendly Pirate songs whilst sailing down the slopes. The song namechecks trails at Smugglers’ Notch Resort that fit the pirate theme. The cover art by Garrett Beeman is an homage to the classic Ski Smugglers’ Notch poster from the late 1950’s. The Ski Shanty video, filmed by Thaddeus Homan, features me skiing with me guitar on Sterling Mountain, as well as some special guest appearances. Ski U soon.

Oceans of Possibility

"Oceans of Possibility" is this Summer's Theme for VT and NH Libraries. Here I am with Librarian Carrie Watson of the Varnum in Jeffersonville (I'll be performing there twice). I have only a few Wednesdays and Saturdays open, contact me soon. Below RRR currently...

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ABOUT She Can Be a Captain Too

She can Be a Captain Too is the lead track on my latest album Captains and Sea Monsters. It is meant to be encouraging and inclusive (see lyrics below). It was inspired by my 10-year-old neighbor Rhea Ferris. I asked her what she wanted to hear in a Pirate song, and...

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Seven Days Review of Captains and Sea Monsters

One of six albums reviewed for the 12/15/22 issue of Vermont's Arts and Entertainment Weekly: Seven Days Review of Captains and Sea Monsters! "Though the album is clearly aimed at children, Rockin' Ron keeps things entertaining and inventive."

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Listen to the single, "She Can Be a Captain Too"

The lead off track on the Captains and Sea Monsters album, She Can Be a Captain Too is a song of encouragement and inclusion. It was inspired by my 10-year neighbor Rhea. The recording features the voices of Rhea and other girls and women. The song is dedicated to Rhea Ferris and Kamala Harris.