Illustrated by Nat Reed

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Illustrated by Nat Reed

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Happy Merry Jolly

HMJ cover art by Carrie Cook. This was image was the inspiration for scenes in the official video.

What do Pirates and Santa have in common? They like to say Yo-ho-ho!!

It’s that time of year… a time to celebrate and reflect. December 1st sees the release of my holiday song Happy Merry Jolly. It’s a celebration of diverse celebrations (see a sample of the lyrics below). Find it on my YouTube Channel as well as Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, and elsewhere. You can also find me other holiday song Buccaneer Bells on the aforementioned sites.

On December 15th winter programming commences at me home port of Smugglers’ Notch Resort and I will be hosting weekly pirate-themed events – visit the Family Activities page for more info. On February 17th I’ll return to Westford, Vermont for Winter Fest, and I’ll be opening up for the Les Dead Ringers (I hope I get out of there alive :P). In the meantime I wish you a…

Happy, Merry, Jolly

By Ronald Roy Carter aka RRR Carter © 2023 Ronald Roy Carter, RRR Carter, RRR Sea Music

CHORUS: Happy, Merry, Jolly and a yo-ho-ho-ho-ho! Happy, Merry Jolly to you and all you know.

FIRST VERSE: Some celebrate the season – returning of the light

Some celebrate with nine… candles burning bright

Some celebrate a baby born long ago one night

Some celebrate their culture and that is only right

ABOUT She Can Be a Captain Too

She can Be a Captain Too is the lead track on my latest album Captains and Sea Monsters. It is meant to be encouraging and inclusive (see lyrics below). It was inspired by my 10-year-old neighbor Rhea Ferris. I asked her what she wanted to hear in a Pirate song, and...

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Seven Days Review of Captains and Sea Monsters

One of six albums reviewed for the 12/15/22 issue of Vermont's Arts and Entertainment Weekly: Seven Days Review of Captains and Sea Monsters! "Though the album is clearly aimed at children, Rockin' Ron keeps things entertaining and inventive."

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Listen to the single, "She Can Be a Captain Too"

The lead off track on the Captains and Sea Monsters album, She Can Be a Captain Too is a song of encouragement and inclusion. It was inspired by my 10-year neighbor Rhea. The recording features the voices of Rhea and other girls and women. The song is dedicated to Rhea Ferris and Kamala Harris.